Highlights from Revised Damage Policy

Damage must be reported through trip end checklist within 24 hrs of booking end time by the host

To provide a better experience and quick resolution in case of damage during a booking we decided to capture damage related complaints reported through trip end checklist within 24 hrs of trip end time. With this it would be easier for us to keep a record, validate & reconcile damage caused during a particular trip. This process would reduce the time taken & chances of dispute (coverage of all reported damage) in validation of damages i.e whether that particular damage occurred during trip or it was a preexisitng damage.

For reporting any damage through trip end checklist select “Edit car condition” in “Is there any car condition change that you would like to report” and upload images. This would automatically create a damage ticket.

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Screenshot from trip end checklist

Host can now get the repair done from the desired workshop by himself and we will reimburse the approved amount

In a move to provide greater flexibility and choice in case of damage repair you can now get the repair done from the desired workshop. You just need to take approval of damage repair estimate from zoomcar and zoomcar will reimburse the same post repair process against sufficient proof. We believe this would help in ensuring a greater satisfaction, transparency in overall damage resolution process.

Host has to ensure regular maintenance of car to provide a seamless experience to the Guest

A car in bad driving condition is the most difficult thing to handle for a guest starting out on your car. A car that’s not functioning well can even breakdown or lead to an accident. This is the most important thing that you should ensure. Based on his experience with the car he will rate you and that rating would very important in deciding the visibility of the car on the platform. Therefore we suggest you to ensure timely maintenance of the car to provide a great experience to the guest.

Click here for detailed damage policy

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