Hit The Road And Explore These Perfect Weekend Getaways From Pune

Bedroom. Kitchen. Workstation. Repeat. For the last few months, mostly everyone has been following this routine. Although the lockdown had been beneficial for personal safety against the virus transmission, the tiresome work-from-home has started to take a toll on everyone. The need to take a break, and finding a getaway has never been as essential as it has become now. Hence, the best way to infuse some excitement into your life is to plan a road trip to a nearby place.

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However, to ensure safe travels, it is better to travel by a private vehicle. A road trip with your own car will allow you to make the most of the experience without any limitation. If, however, you do not have a vehicle, you can opt for car rental services. We at Zoomcar provide cars for diverse durations. If you want a car for just a day, you can avail of the car subscription service for a day. Otherwise, opt for car rental for a week or so. Keeping this in mind and with no fear at the back of your mind, planning a trip becomes easier.  

Own Your Adventure

Especially if you live in Pune, there are great places to visit nearby for the weekend. Escape to any of the following destinations and take a break in the new normal:

  • Mahabaleshwar: Strawberry Land

With merely a distance of three hours from Pune, you can quickly drive down utilizing car rental services. Opt for the one-day car rental service if you want to go on a short trip.

This hill station is a popular place and is known for its strawberry farming. Scenically blessed, it is home to numerous lakes and waterfalls. Immerse yourself amidst its natural beauty and free your mind off all the tensions.

The view from the Elephant’s head point is incomparable. You can also visit vantage points like Arthur’s seat and Sunset point to get a wholesome view of Mahabaleshwar’s hills. This place also is a refuge for history lovers with its colonial past depicted in old mansions and heritage bungalows. Plan a small getaway to Mahabaleshwar with your friends to relax and enjoy. But, ensure that you and your friends follow the safety measures. You can avail of the car rental services to prevent traveling from public transport and interacting with more people.

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  • Khandala: Perfect Weekend Respite

For some quality time with your friends, this famous hill station in the Western Ghats is the ideal location. The best aspect of visiting Khandala is that you can make it a one-day trip as it is only one and a half hours away. However, if you want to stay there for a more extended time, you can avail of a car rental for a week.

With its pleasant weather and beautiful nature, you would want to stay there for more than a weekend. Feel the mist in the air when you visit this hill station and experience serenity and scenic views. The other points of interest include Duke’s Nose, Tiger’s Leap, and the rock-cut Bhaja Caves that symbolize Buddhist architecture.

With its meandering waterfalls and glittering lakes, the magical charm of this place makes it an excellent place for a holiday. Although, before you plan, make sure that you carry extra hand sanitizers and masks for emergencies. Sanitizing the car will especially be helpful. In this matter, car rental services are a viable choice. We, at Zoomcar, ensure that all the vehicles are thoroughly sanitized after every use. So, plan your weekend getaway without any apprehension.

  • Kamshet: A Picturesque Getaway

Owing to the cold temperature and breathtaking scenic beauty, this hill hamlet is a common choice for a weekend getaway. The distance from Pune to Kamshet is of approximately one and a half hours. If you are short on time, you can book a car rental service for a day and visit and head back to the city.

However, suppose you plan a short vacation to indulge in the various activities there. In that case, you can avail car rental services as per the required duration. This place is a paradise for paragliding lovers. And, the paddy and sunflower fields make for an incredible view from above the ground.

Other tourist attractions include Bhairi caves, Khondeshwar temple, and Pavna Lake. Due to close proximity with other nearby hill stations like Lonavala, you can also extend and make it a weekend trip.

Travel with us and enjoy the benefit of all-India permit. In this manner, even if you plan to visit another location in the spur of the moment, nothing will hamper your plans.

As the risk factor still prevails, it will be wise to plan a trip without compromising your safety. Presently, the safest option is personal mobility. At Zoomcar, we understand its importance and provide you with numerous vehicle choices to travel without worry. You can avail of benefits 24x 7 roadside assistance and vehicles with damage insurance and many others.

Subscribe for a car rental service for the weekend from Zoomcar and drive away for some peace!

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