Hosting Standards & Guidelines to be followed while Hosting your car

The host strike policy outlines the rules and regulations regarding car condition, listing shortening, and host denial of bookings. This article will discuss these topics in detail so that hosts can understand how they can adhere to the policy while still providing quality service to their guests. Quality of services will eventually lead to maximization of your earnings, and not adhering to this compliance will eventually result in lower ratings for your car, which might result in the termination of your vehicle from the host program.

Where a Host exceeds  3 Strikes cumulatively (Car Conditions / Host Denial / Listing Shortening) for any of the compliances or 2 Strikes for consecutive reductions of listing duration within a span of 30 days, such Host shall be terminated from the Zoomcar Host Program and such vehicle shall not be eligible for further listing on our Platform with immediate effect.

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To ensure a great experience for the Guest, you need to keep the following Guidelines in mind while Hosting your car.

Hosting Standards & Guidelines to be followed while Hosting your car:

Car Conditions:

A car in bad driving condition is the most difficult thing to handle for a guest starting out in your car. A car that’s not functioning well can even break down or can be cause an accident. This is the most important thing for the host to ensure. Based on the guest’s experience with the car the guest will rate you and that rating would be a very important factor in deciding the visibility of the car on the platform. Therefore, we suggest the host to ensure timely maintenance of the car to provide a great experience to the guest.

As a host, you are responsible for ensuring that the car is in a safe and clean condition before handing it over to the guest. You must make sure that all safety features are working and that the car is free from any damage. Additionally, you must ensure that the car is well-stocked with all necessary items such as a spare tire, toolkit, first-aid kit, etc. Moreover, you must also keep the keys in the cupholder or glove box for your guest’s convenience.

Zoomcar Host Program is designed to provide car owners with an opportunity to make money. However, if more than 3 instances are recorded, it could result in termination from the program.

Listing Shortening:

A last-minute change in plan is something that is frowned upon by everyone. Our guests trust you and plan for their trip with that trust of getting the desired vehicle for travel. As an esteemed Host, you have an obligation to serve the bookings which are allocated to your car. The duration of the Listing should not be reduced whenever the host has an upcoming booking that is starting within the next 24 hours and the reduction of which may affect the booking duration unless the vehicle is unavailable due to traffic violations, theft or accidents. However, in case you experience any difficulties with your current booking, we encourage you to contact our support team so that we may be able to assist you before cancelling your booking.

For faster resolution please raise your request via Help & Support

Denial to fulfil Allocated Bookings:

Host denial can be a major inconvenience for guests. When a host cancels a trip or denies a booking, it can cause serious disruption to the guest’s plans and impact their confidence in Zoomcar. It is important for hosts to understand their responsibilities when it comes to denying bookings. It’s Impossible for Zoomcar to find an alternative vehicle arrangement for the guest at the last moment.

As a Host with a confirmed booking, you have an obligation to the guest to provide the vehicle as promised. Refusing or denying the handover of the vehicle at the booking start time is unacceptable and can have serious consequences. This is why it is important for Hosts to understand their responsibilities when they accept a confirmed booking.

With great Hosting comes great responsibilities:

Zoomcar shall notify the Host of such poor Guest experience arising from such car condition, reduction of listing duration or Host denial issues as and when such instances occur. 

Please remember that complying with the above guidelines will result in a great Guest experience and a higher rating for you, which will maximize your earning potential. Failure to adhere to the above will lead to lower ratings, eventually leading to delisting of car from the Zoomcar Host program and the car will not be eligible for further listing.

We hope you put your best foot forward while hosting with responsibility.

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