Hyderabad Airport One Way Pick Up & Drop – T&Cs

An early morning flight to catch tomorrow and too many things on your list before that? We know Airport travel is all the more important and at times it becomes somewhat tiring the day before with a whole bunch of things to do. Add to that worrying about your transport inside the city and to the airport.

In order to overcome these hassles we are introducing a friendly option of picking up the car from one of our sites and dropping it at the airport or vice versa i.e., pick a Zoomcar from the Airport and drop it back at any of the sites in Hyderabad.

Own Your Adventure

*This facility is currently available in Hyderabad starting from 11-12-2015 for all bookings longer than 24 hours.

*All the eligible zoomers will get a call from our team and have the option of choosing this facility at no extra cost.

So you never miss last minute shopping, send off dinner with friends and your personal space.

Happy Zooming!