Midnight Hangouts In Pune

You can never say when your tummy gets rumbling, it can start at 7 am or even 3.45 am can’t it? That’s why we need to have places to go and hang out in late at night and grab that bite to eat. Office timings, overtime, late night arrival into the city, and more can leave us craving for yummy in the tummy at any time. So, that’s why we have a list of midnight hangouts in Pune for you to devour and fill those empty bellies.

Amruteshwar – Nal Stop

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After a late night party, you are feeling hungry but can afford the high-end hotels at 4am in the morning. Then you head to Nal Stop, there stands a famous joint called Hotel Amruteshwar which opens at 3.00am in the morning and serves you freshly made Kaande Poha, Sabudana Khichadi, Idlis and of course Chai!

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Sweekar Snacks Centre – Karve Nagar

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If you feel hungry in the middle of the night, want delicious food but you’re on a budget constraint then Sweekar Snacks Centre is the place for you. This famous it’s Pav Bhaji, Idlis, Dosas, Misal Pav, Dahi Misal, Sabudana Wada and more. Make sure you zoom to Sweekar to get so fill your belly and not empty your pocket.

Krishna Snacks – Pune Railway Station

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A very decent place for your standard Vegetarian Indian food near Pune Station.  The place is always crowded, partly because of its location, but definitely because of the taste. Food is available at various times, both South Indian and Roti-Sabzi, varieties of food here is amazing, and nothing is dis-satisfactory.  Service was great and prompt. Prices were reasonable and in keeping with the regular standard for such places. The location is a great advantage too because you can grab some wholesome food no matter what the time.

Kohinoor – MG Road

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One of the last few Irani Chai joints remaining, they have awesome Omelets and yummy creamy Bun Maska. It’s a good early, and we mean early breakfast idea. Good atmosphere but only in the wee hours of the morning, otherwise it’s just a crowd waiting for a seat, The service here is really good, on the more expensive side for a breakfast, but you can’t eat like a king and expect to pay nothing now, can you?

Sarovar – Mulshi Road Bhugaon

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This place has yummy food and also is a very good place to have hookahs late at night. The ambiance is great, situated beside a lake and is opened till 4 am . Make sure you tickle your taste buds with all the various cuisines they have to offer here.

Sufi – Kondhwa

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Sufi’s has amazing spicy food at really fairly affordable rates. A few plus points of this place is that it remains open up to midnight. The ambiance is quite different, it generally caters to the typical youngster and hostel crowd. A favorite place for shisha and good food!

Jashn – Kondhwa

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Flooded with people who have just got off the night shift people, or people who come over to grab a bite to eat after parties. The food is reasonable, considering it’s available till late in the night and is really tasty. Up to 4 am is when Jashn keeps their doors open for everyone who wants to eat yummy food.

Rangla Punjab – Baner

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A proper Dhaba style place, where you get yummy white butter laden dals, creamy sabzis, and crunchy naans. The place is huge and the staff is very courteous as well. The have separate sections for families and single that walk in.

So, the next time you hungry in the middle of the night, you know where to zoom to don’t you?


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