Need Inspiration? Take A Short Trip To These 3 Places Around Bangalore With Your Friends

Come to think of it, while adjusting to the new normal, don’t you think trips with your friends have become a thing of the past? When did you go on a trip or a vacation recently?

All our travel plans had to be canceled or brought to a halt due to the risk of virus contraction during the pandemic. Now, a trip to the grocery store feels like a short trip away from home. However, even for a quick visit outside your home, it is essential to keep in mind the safety measures. The risks and the insecurity of virus contraction still lingers. Thus, you can opt for another alternative like car rental services for your daily travels instead of public transport. Similarly, you could hire car rental services for a short trip somewhere around the city.

Own Your Adventure
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A significant benefit of car rental services is that it enables you to travel securely. Instead of traveling in crowded places where the chances of contracting the disease are higher, travel privately.

Apart from securing your daily commute, you may even plan for a short trip with your friends. While international trips are out of the question right now, how about a small weekend getaway to power upon inspiration. With our services, you can benefit from self-drive cars and avail of a car rental for a short trip. Clear your mind off the stress from work from home routine and the pressure of lockdown. Especially if you love to travel, explore the following options of places to make your next visit:

  • Nandi Hills: Abode of Tranquillity

Do you want to plan a one-day trip? If yes, then visit Nandi hills, just sixty km away from Bangalore city. This recently discovered tourist spot has also become a well-known getaway. Plus, this is the ideal time to visit Nandi hills and experience pleasant weather with a panoramic view.

Get mesmerized by the majestic pillars of its monuments and shrines. Wake up early and cycle on the roads of Nandi hills amidst the splendid greenery. Visit Tipu’s drop for a breathtaking view or enjoy paragliding in this scenic hill station.

Take a car subscription for a short trip from Bangalore from us and ensure your safety. Although our cars are thoroughly sanitized, do not forget to carry an extra supply of sanitizers and masks. Ensure that you make fewer stops along the route and pick up food from the eateries instead of dining in.

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  • Yercaud: Land of Seven Forests

Although in a different state altogether, Yercaud is just four and a half hours away from Bangalore. Avail the weekend self-drive car service and drive down to witness nature’s beauty.

The tourist vantage points include the bear’s cave, Pagoda point, Lady’s seat, and others. Enjoy your time with friends by the cascading Killliyur Waterfalls. Visit the coffee plantations and experience peace after months of staying at home.

If you plan to stay for a few more days, you can do so without any hesitation. Do not fret about traveling back using public transportation. Instead, avail the Benefit of car rental services and extend your trip for however long you want.

  • Skandagiri: Night Trekking Spot

Being a city dweller, you may feel the sudden urge to drop everything and go on a road trip. Considering that the past few months have been too tiring mentally, a quick getaway is much-needed. Skandagiri ensures that trekking is not limited to mornings.

Undertake the unusual night trekking activity and spend a night at the hilltop beneath a sparkling blanket of stars. Enjoy the peace and the serenity of the night, light a bonfire, and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones.

For traveling, make use of car rental services. The benefit of car rental service providers is that that sometimes there are sudden plans and to cater to these, we provide car rentals for a single day as well. And, to ensure convenience, the vehicle is dropped at your doorstep within thirty minutes of booking.

Travel With Friends Safely And securely

Visit these places with your friends and spend some quality time with them. Such short trips help you make memories, and due to the pandemic, it is essential that you are around with your loved ones. The time spent with them is a stress buster, relieving your mind and building the scope for productivity. When the mind feels unburdened, it uplifts your mood and increases interest in work. Thus, take a short break today with car rental services.

Another benefit of car rental services is that you can opt for the preferred car from the available choices. At Zoomcar, we provide a range of SUVs, Sedans, Hatchbacks, among other options. Depending upon the number of people and comfort, you can select a vehicle. Why wait for your saturation level to reach its highest when you can travel now with your friends?

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