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Now Don’t Buy, Just Subscribe It!

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Cars are the second most expensive purchases that people make after houses. To some, a car is a luxury, while for others a necessity. We at Zoomcar understand the varied needs of our customers, and therefore, created ZAP Subscribe, a platform that offers car ownership as a subscription service.

It is noted that a car typically is idle for 90% of the time. Bearing this in mind, ZAP was launched as a car sharing platform that enables people with new cars to share their vehicle on the Zoomcar platform whenever it is not in use. It aimed to help customers save money, while creating a connect between those in need of a car and those who wished to monetize their idle vehicle. Once the car is listed with ZAP, one can earn additional income or in most cases, use the money to offset fixed cost of having a personal car. The amount the associate receives depends on the duration they list their car for.

However, as a company Zoomcar believes in evolving. We continuously better our services to ensure our customers receive the best. ZAP Subscribe is our latest offering that enables customers to subscribe new or existing cars at a fixed monthly cost.

You may now wonder what this model entails and why should anyone subscribe than buying a car? Here are many reasons why a subscription model may work for you.

1. Zero down-payment

Buying a car requires a lump sum payment being made upfront. For instance, a car worth ₹8,00,000 with a down-payment of ₹1,50,000 and a loan amount of ₹6,50,000 at 10.5% interest for a period of 5 yrs will cost ₹9,88,262.

Car on-road price –  ₹8,00,000

Down- payment –  ₹1,50,000

Balance amount –  ₹6,50,000

Interest paid on a 5 yr loan tenure @ 10.5%* – ₹1,88,262

Total cost of the car – ₹9,88,262

ZAP Subscribe ends these ordeals as you do not need to pay a hefty down-payment. Instead pay only ₹18,999 per month to get a car of your choice. This amount certainly is much lower than having to pay your down-payment along with monthly EMIs or blowing up your savings. Register Now!

2. Zero maintenance cost

This is probably one of the most important benefits of ZAP Subscribe. People often buy a car without realizing the financial burden that comes with a new car, car maintenance, car service, etc. It doesn’t stop at buying a car.  This is often the reason we reach out to our friends and family to know the running cost of their car, and draw a comparison between two cars from the same segment and only then take a decision. With ZAP Subscribe you don’t have to pay anything extra or worry about any of the above. The cost is included in your monthly subscription fee.

3. Limited damage liability

When buying a car, you pay a yearly insurance premium. And in case of a Zero Depreciation Insurance, the cost is higher. For instance, in case you opt for Zero Depreciation car insurance for a car worth  ₹8,00,000, you would need to pay ₹25,000 as insurance premium. Add to this the insurance companies having a clause of claiming zero deprecation insurance only twice. With ZAP Subscribe, the maximum liability on you is of ₹10,000, which is much lesser than paying for a car insurance. An added benefit – no damage, no additional cost. Register Now!

4. Flexibility of having new car whenever you want

Buying a new car means keeping it for a minimum of 3 years before you think about changing it. ZAP Subscribe offers you the flexibility and lets you opt for a 6, 12, or 24-month tenure. Depending on the tenure, you can choose another car for the next tenure. Your dream car will never be far away!

5. Unlimited Kilometers

There is no restriction on the km you must drive when you opt for ZAP Subscribe. It’s as good as your personal car and you don’t have to worry about how many km you can drive. Drive as much as you please.

6. Most importantly, You Share & Save

The biggest benefit to them is an opportunity to save money to pay out their subscription cost with ease. Owning a car is an expensive affair – right from the day you buy it. You can ease this burden. Under the subscription model, you can save as much as ₹15,000 by listing your car on Zoomcar platform for just 15 days. Increase your savings by listing the car for a longer tenure.

We have limited cars available for subscription. Reserve your personal car at @ ₹2100 only and subscribe with monthly fees starting at Rs. 15,999. Hurry, register and make payment to subscribe your new car with an option to save up to 70% of the fee.

Zoomcar is India’s Largest Self Drive Mobility Service and have witnessed a great demand in the market to ensure enough bookings for your cars. The ZAP Subscribe is just a path to take us a step closer to a mobility economy that facilitates people to purchase just the amount of transportation services they need on demand without having to pay through their nose to own a car.

Now Don’t Buy, Just Subscribe your Personal Car.

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