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Cars don’t get much sexier than this!

You may have seen our risqué crowdfunding campaign to “Pimp Out” a Hindustan Ambassador.  It was a success!  It warms our hearts to know we have such amazing and enthusiastic members.  What started off as a fun way to engage our members turned into media frenzy the likes of which we couldn’t ever have anticipated!

In total we raised $1069 – 69 dollars more than our target!  We swear, we didn’t rig that number, but it couldn’t be more fitting *wink*.  And over 1,200 people posted the campaign on their own Facebook Timelines!

Own Your Adventure

Our members weren’t the only ones who noticed this sexified project!  Several media publications throughout Bangalore all wrote a feature story on this campaign!  You can read about it in Yourstory.in, Bangalore Mirror, NextBigWhat, DriveSpark, and Shrindihi Hande’s Blog!

Zoom Pimp Ambassador Bangalore Mirror Viral Marketing Self Drive Car Rental
Zoom’s Pimp Ambassador in the Bangalore Mirror!

If all of this wasn’t enough, the Economic Times also jumped on board and wrote a feature that highlighted not only the Ambassador campaign, but our two free hours of driving credit on Election Day to help people get to the polls and vote!

As David states in our video, “When we take our pants off things tend to get…VIRAL.”  That is exactly what happened with this campaign!  David and Greg are so excited that they STILL haven’t put their pants back on! (everyone at the office is starting to get worried….)

Zoom Pimp Ambassador Self Drive Car Rental Viral Marketing Bangalore
Viral Marketing

Although we had to take our pants off to make this all possible, none of it could’ve happened without YOUR help!  We would like to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who donated throughout the campaign, and we would like to take this time to highlight a few specific people who made this campaign successful!

 Thank you to the following members for donating $5 or more!

Ben Kowitt

Shafeeq Rahaman

Kshitij Verma


Marco P.

Adarsha Raja


Ntsh Jain

Ashwin Ramesh

Will Marler

Chatat Mangewala

David Michaelson

Manuel Geitz

Shamanth Paramasibam





Athul Kumar S.


Matthew Mawhinney



Thejesh GN

Shrinidhi Hande



Zorawar Singh


John Kneeland

Suneal Bedi

Graham Gullans

Once again we would like to express a big thanks to everyone who participated in this campaign by sharing, tweeting, donating, or anything else.  This was a very fun endeavor for us to take part in, and we are glad to see that our members had just as much fun!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Pimped Out Ambassador coming to a Zoom location near you… 🙂

Pimp Ambassador Self Drive Car Rental Zoom Bangalore Viral Marketing
The origins…


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