Redefine Your Travel Experience to Make It Safer

Changing times call for making new and better choices. And, considering that the current phase is one marked by a sense of insecurity, you need to make decisive choices that ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself.

Travelling is one such key aspect of life, which requires you to choose from various alternatives. However, when travelling relates to your daily commute, you generally get used to your preferred choices and do not consider making any changes. For instance, those of you who do not have a personal vehicle would have never earlier given a second thought before hopping on a means of public transport or hailing a cab. However, now things are not as simple as before. With social distancing and constant vigilance becoming the new normal, questions like how and with whom you travel, have become significant concerns.

Own Your Adventure

That is why, now, when it comes to choosing the right means to travel, many of you may be in a dilemma. So far, you may have based all your choices on factors like convenience and affordability. But what about the present and the future, both of which are mired with risk?

Safety is Priority Now

Keeping the current scenario in mind where there is no cure for Coronavirus yet, safety and prevention need to be given utmost priority now. That is why, you must choose an option that offers you maximum safety against the risk of contracting the virus.

So, to help you understand which means of commuting is the safest for you, let’s take a look at the different options that may be available to you:

Public Transport

So far, maybe you were commuting to your office or other places through a means of public transport such as the bus or metro train. Reason being that it is economical. However, considering that social distancing is the need of the times, using public transport will not be a wise choice now, if you fear your family’s security. There is an increased vulnerability of coming in contact with infected people and virus-ridden objects in such transport systems, given the number of people who use it.

Cabs or Taxis

Over the last few years, some of you may have gotten used to the idea of using driver ridden cabs to reach places. You booked the cab; it arrived, and off you went with the driver. You were choosing this means because it offered comfort. However, now given the nature of virus transmission, every aspect and encounter during travel matters, for you never know what may expose you to increased risk. Cab drivers drive many people in a day, and so you can never be sure of who they come in contact with before they meet you. From the exchange of currency to the virus-ridden car, cabs or taxis may not be as safe as you may think them to be.

Car Pooling

If you were car-pooling till a few months ago, you might be proud of making a wise choice with regards to upholding the idea of shared mobility. However, cut to the present, and now there is a complete shift in the narrative. Now, due to prevalent risk, shared mobility is going to be unsafe, for it exposes you to the risk of transmission. So, now the times call for being responsible by following social distancing norms while travelling so that both you and others in your environment can stay safe.

Office Cabs

So far, those of you whose companies provided office cabs may have considered yourself among the lucky few. You had no worries about commuting to the office daily. However, now with so much fear of virus transmission around us and no antidote been discovered so far, you may be in a dilemma if you should continue using it or not. While the choice is yours to make, but remember that you cannot keep a check on who all did the cab pick and drop during the day.

Personal Mobility Options: The Safest Means

In these uncertain times, personal mobility has come across as the safest way to commute around. It allows social distancing, which is an effective way to minimize the risk of transmission and to stay safe. One option of personal mobility is commuting through your personal vehicle, for you can travel alone or with your family, away from the crowds.

However, if you do not have a personal car, then what other choice do you have? Let us tell you of a solution that can very well take care of your safety needs in these unprecedented times.

Self-Drive Rental Car

Buying a car may or may not be a feasible option for you, especially during such a period of crisis. However, what you can easily avail instead is a self-drive car rental facility that will provide you with the same benefits as you can get with a personal vehicle. It means when you book a rental car, you get access to a safe travel experience that keeps risk and fear both at bay.

We, at Zoomcar, offer self-drive cars that are thoroughly sanitized and are delivered to your doorstep. In these critical times, where safety has become the topmost priority for all commuters, we believe that our services will offer considerable support to all those who are looking for personal mobility solutions. We offer our services in two ways, namely: i) Rental services, and ii) Subscription services

i) Self-Drive Car on Rent

If you commute occasionally and are looking for the safest way to drive your way around, then taking a car on rent can help you. It will give you access to a safe and sanitized self-driven vehicle whenever and for whatever time you want. We provide everything from weekly or monthly car rental facilities to even one-way car rental options. You can make the online car booking depending on your unique commuting needs, and the rental car will arrive within 30 minutes.

Whether you want to commute around to get multiple errands done, need to drop your family member to a particular place or have a doctor’s appointment, book a Zoomcar on rent and keep your safety in check by commuting in a sanitized, self-driven car.

ii) Self-Drive Car on Subscription

If you want to secure your travel plans for a more extended period, then our car on subscription services could be the best solution for you and your family. The most significant benefit of taking a monthly or half-yearly car subscription is that it allows you to enjoy continued access to a safe way of travelling.

Taking a car on a subscription facility enables you to enjoy the same benefits as you would with your personal vehicle, just in a much more affordable way. Subscription car service as provided by us, at Zoomcar does not require you to make any down payment at the time of booking. Moreover, all our cars are not just sanitized, but also insured, meaning you can be sure about your security in case you meet with any untoward happening while en route to your destination. Also, you will not even have to incur any repair and maintenance costs at your end. All you will need to do is make the booking and pay the subscription charges.

Prioritize Safety and Choose the Right Means

Prevention is the best way for staying safe amidst such challenging times. That is why, you must be decisive and should give utmost priority to safety while you travel. Choose personal mobility options over other alternatives and stay safe.

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