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Hottest Wheels For A Great First Impression

Are you planning a business trip in the coming week? How about making it a fun business trip by flying down and then renting a self-drive car to explore the place? You might be thinking about the best car for these long trips. Using your own car for business trips can lead to wear and tear. Hence, the best option is to choose a car from a car-sharing platform. However, there are several aspects to keep in mind while selecting.

Condition of the car

The first step is to ensure the condition of the car you are renting is good. Since you are on a business trip, you certainly cannot afford to have a breakdown or unnecessary delays due to repair. You also cannot compromise on the safety aspect. Hence, reach out to a reputed car-sharing platform in the city that provides cars in excellent condition. Check online reviews and client testimonials thoroughly before making your final selection. You can also check the website or personalized app for details of the car.

Own Your Adventure

Customer service

Think about a scenario where you want to hire a long-trip rental car for an urgent business meeting, but simply cannot get through to the car-sharing platform. What do you do? You want to make sure that the platform offers good customer service, ideally round the clock. Also, look for availability of customer services across cities and for policies relating to customer support for availing all the services provided by the rental company.


Last but not least, price matters. Some car-sharing platforms charge exorbitant prices. Thus, check out the rates charged by various car-sharing platforms. Compare the prices and choose the car that best fits your budget. Also check for additional charges like security deposits, accidental charges, and any other charges that may be asked by the service provider. This will help in finalizing a perfect budget for the trip.

A great option would be to opt for Zoomcar, India’s largest car sharing platform. It provides some of the finest cars in the market across segments, conducts stringent quality checks of its cars before handing them to customers, and offers the very best customer support in the market. Besides offering some of the most competitive rates, it also provides a high level of transparency through its easy-to-use mobile app. Zoom away to your next destination with Zoomcar!

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