Subscription Services Are Transforming Lives; Have You Subscribed Yet?

Have you realized how over the years our approach to services and products have changed? More and more people today are availing offerings on a subscription basis, be it entertainment or utilities, subscription is the new mantra.

Here are some popular subscription offerings you will resonate with:

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  1. Video & Music subscription

You sure have heard of Amazon Prime and Netflix. These popular video-on-demand services offer television shows and films on a subscription basis. Did you ever wonder you could get access to worldwide video content with such ease? These video membership platforms have enabled viewers to subscribe to other network’s original content effortlessly.

Music streaming has been one of the earliest digital innovations that you would’ve seen – when the cassettes era was toppled by the DVDs and CDs and soon by music streaming services. Saavn and Gaana, for instance, are two such platforms. No hassles of downloading songs, just create your playlist & listen to music on the go.

  1. Food subscription

Food subscription or in simpler words the dabba system has been around for years now. You’ve must have experienced this in your office where you or your colleague’s lunch (dabba) is delivered each day religiously. This was one of the early subscription models where food would come to you each day at a fee.

  1. Furniture subscription

Probably a few years ago you never would have thought that you would get furniture on a subscription model. The thought may have only seemed strange. Companies like Furlenco and Rentomojo were incorporated to provide an alternative to buying and selling furniture in rental properties. People living in rented apartments, working long hours who find it inconvenient to equip the house with furniture when they moved, can take furniture on a subscription model.

  1. Book, Articles & Newsletter subscription

This is yet another remarkable change the world has seen. Moving on from hard-bound paper books to an e-book – digital libraries have given people access to books on a subscription model. Scribd is one such platform. Kindle is yet another innovation, an e-reader that enables users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media without having to buy a physical book.

  1. Toy subscription

Yes, this is a reality too. Today platforms like Toy Subscription Boxes are available to subscribe to children’s toys on a monthly basis. One can access a wide variety of toys at a subscription fee. This has given parents an opportunity to keep their kids happy while staying away from the clutter and constant demand from the children for new toys.

  1. Introducing Car Subscription

Zoomcar’s ZAP Subscribe, is a car subscription platform that lets you subscribe to a car of your choice at a fixed monthly subscription fee for a duration of 6, 12, or 24 months. Alternatively, if you have a car that has been idle and gathering dust, you could share it on the Zoomcar platform and save some bucks from it to offset your subscription fee. It will not only save you money but can bring down the cost significantly to make it lower than EMIs.

So, you now realize how you’ve subscribed to so many of these services knowingly or unknowingly. Our lives are changing as we’re moving towards subscription models to ease our lives. Paying a subscription fee to avail services – be it information, entertainment or utility has brought a great amount of convenience to people’s lives. It also gives you a chance to opt out of it when required. While you benefit from the product/ service, you can wade away the hassle of paying a hefty upfront sum to acquire an item.

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