With 17 days into the trip and over 1,400 km done, the Sun Pedal Ride is going strong! The solar bicycle has been a crowd puller, with many people stopping our Sun Pedal Rider, Sushil to ask him many questions about the solar bicycle, the way it works, and much more, curiosity being what it is!

Sun Pedal Ride - Sushil

Q&A Sessions with passerbys

A fun night ride with Rajkot Riders

A fun night ride with Rajkot Riders 1

A lot of them even asked him to pose for selfies along with the solar bicycle on the highway. En route he also discussed with many people about the working of the solar bicycle, shared some interesting insights about solar energy, and sparked an interesting dialogue. The solar bicycle is a sure shot great conversation starter on this journey!

Sun Pedal Ride

The journey is as interesting as riding the bicycle itself, the support crew is very enthusiastic throughout the journey. The tech support guy Himanshu, is always on the lookout for adventure along the route. Krunal Tailor our official photographer is also quite active.

Sun Pedal Ride 2

Rajendra Bhaskar is a part-time cyclist also decides to ride along the way at times. Singing songs along the way, and also shooting short videos which are showcased at the solar awareness seminars conducted has is turning out to be more fun that expected for our Sun Pedal Rider and crew.They have received a great response until now.



Krunal Tailor apart from being a photographer, is a foodie as well, introducing the entire crew to a variety of gujju food, while on this leg of the journey. Interacting with local people while bunking at homestays in something they have been doing a lot. Heat is the major challenge the crew is facing currently on this route, the riding schedule has been fixed keeping in mind the weather conditions to avoid any health problems to any crew members.



While in Rajkot the current city where the Sun Pedal Ride crew is, they have been invited to spread the word out about our journey and solar energy by Radio Mirchi. Quiet exciting isn’t it. They have also been featured in the local newspapers of Gujarat.

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We are going to Zoom forward now! Watch this space for more on the updates of the Sun Pedal Ride!

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