As the world still rejoices in welcoming 2018 and creating bucket lists, travel is one agenda common on all of them. While we open arms to travel plans in the new year selecting some exotic locations, adventure, food trails, countries and destinations, it’s time for us to savour and soak in the experiences on these travels. And while we work on creating a list of things that we would like to do over the course of 2018, lets make experience an integral part of our travel plans.

Everyone out there has a different perspective when it comes to travel. While some like to explore the wilderness, some seek a cultural knowhow or a gastronomical journey and for the rest, well, travel is nothing without a good dose of adventure. Imagine travelling to Bangalore and going micro-flight flying or a scuba diving thrill in Goa.

Own Your Adventure

 Zoomcar and Xoxoday are here to help you with just that. We, at Zoomcar firmly feel that every moment, every experience should be exhilarating. Explore the unexplored, zoom down the road less travelled, have a life changing adventure experience, seize the moment and #LiveYourNow. For every moment of your travel is an experience worth savouring, every moment for you to #NeverStopLiving !

From taking you places to helping you experience the best of what that city has to offer, we’ve got your 2018 covered. So, leave it up to us to help you tick off all your travel goals on your bucket list.

Zoomcar and Xoxoday bring to you a contest which shall enable you to indulge in the best experiences of across India that MUST be a part of your 2018 bucket list.

                        The Experiential Delight

1.    Book a Zoomcar between 4th and 23rd January’2018 with trip start date between the same and you stand a chance to tick off any experience on xoxoday. 

2.  Minimum booking period – 12 hours

3.    Top 3 bookings win the grand prizes

4.    No bookings with damage, outstanding, late charges will be considered

Go Microlight Flying in Bangalore:

If you’ve ever dreamt of flying high, this experience of Microlight Flying is here to make your dreams come true. What’s more, you get to sit with the pilot and use the controls even! It’s about time, you live your childhood dream.

Go Scuba Diving in Goa 

Goa is more than just parties, it’s an upcoming adventure hub, covering all aerial and water based adventures. Ditch the beach shacks for once and go on to explore the beautiful waters of the Arabian sea with a good scuba diving experience.

Go Sailing and have dinner on a Yacht in Mumbai 

Take along your partner and go sailing on a yacht. Take your romance to a whole new level and dine on a McGregor 26 with your beloved.

Go Paramotoring in Delhi

Take the flight of a lifetime through Air Safari. Para-motoring allows you to launch, climb, fly level or glide down through the air on a paraglider at your own will. 

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Pune

Cap your trip with a gorgeous Hot Air Balloon ride over the beautiful Western Ghats near Pune. Get a gorgeous bird’s eye view of the landscapes down below and let nature take your breath away.