Dictionary.com defines an unsung hero as a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution. We at Zoomcar would like to make that a practice. So, starting this month, we will share the experiences of one employee; an employee who makes a significant difference in the lives of those connected with Zoomcar.

Meet Karim Mohammed Zakir Hussain. Originally from Bangalore, he moved to Abu Dhabi few years back to work in an MNC. Until home beckoned, and he moved back to Bangalore. Karim joined Zoomcar a year back as a Fleet Executive, and is responsible for pickups and drop, attending to customers, ensuring cars are in good condition, their servicing – the works. When we asked Him why he joined Zoomcar, he said he felt he will get a chance to grow here. And grow he did –  owing to his hard work, Karim was recently promoted to the position of Team Leader and he now has 4 people reporting to him. He says he loves it at Zoomcar, and the convenient working hours, location, a handsome salary & other benefits keep him motivated to give his 100%.

In a candid chat, Karim told us that one key part of his job is to deal with customers day in and day out, which means he has to maintain a decorum with every one of them. And because he deals with so many people, he has lots of stories to share. Here’s one such story. On the evening of 10th April, a customer called RC picked up a Zoomcar from our site at St. John’s Road, and dropped it the next morning. And while Karim was getting the car cleaned & prepped for its next customer, he found RC’s wallet!

And the honest man that he is, Karim immediately dug out RC’s details, called & informed him about his missing wallet. Zoomcar is proud of you, Karim. Here’s celebrating his honesty & zeal, always!


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