Unwind in Magnificent Kalpetta!

It’s true that weekend getaways work like magic after a hectic week, and Bangaloreans certainly swear by this. If you’re wondering where to take off during this weekend, we’ve got the perfect offbeat destination for you. The beautiful town of Kalpetta in Wayanad (Kerala) is just where you should be. This bustling town is surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush greenery. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers looking to chill and breathe in the mild scent of coffee from the plantations.  Kalpetta hotels cater to a varied population, with many budget and mid-range to luxury hotels. Weather at this hilly town is pleasant and the winter months between November and February are the best time to visit.

Making Your Way from Bangalore to Kalpetta

Own Your Adventure

Kalpetta town is 780 metres above the sea level and lies on the Kozhikode-Mysore National Highway NH766. The most preferred way to get to Kalpetta is to drive down. You can cover the distance from Bangalore to Kalpetta (281.89 km) in approximately four and a half hours. To head to Kalpetta, you can take the Bangalore- Mysore- Gundulpet – Kalpetta route, but be sure to start early in the morning to avoid congestion. You could also take the Bangalore – Mysore – Hunsur – Nagarhole – Tholpetty – Mananthavady – Kalpetta route. This is a scenic drive through the sanctuary and you could sight deer and elephants too.

Soak in Nature’s Bounty

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Kalpetta has myriad tourist attractions in its vicinity. For starters, visit the Meenmutty Water Falls, a marvel for trekking enthusiasts. Experience climbing through the rocks to reach this cascading waterfall. This enthralling destination is located near the Neyyar Reservoir area. To reach the foot of the falls, you will have to complete about three levels of trek. Be sure to get your fitness levels high, as the third level of the trek is deemed to be tough. You could also head to the Chembra Peak and Neelima Viewpoint for stunning hill top views. Another must-visit place is the Karapuzha Dam. This man-made spectacle is built over the Karapuzha River.

And finally, to those of you seeking inner peace, visit the plethora of ancient temples like the Puliyarmala Jain temple and Thirunelli temple.

Food for Thought

This is probably what you’ve been waiting to read! Your taste buds must explore the authentic local Malabari cuisine that the town offers. Wayanad is famous for its versatility as you will find the traditional puttu served with options of meat based or vegetable curries, a variety of halwa, biriyani, appam and more. You will find many restaurants and tiny food joints that serve authentic food and a must try is the fish curry and rice, which is truly mouth-watering.

What to bring back from Kalpetta to Bangalore

What’s a trip without souvenirs? Besides a treasure trove of beautiful memories, you can bring home spices, coffee and tea for yourself, and to give away to your friends.

Travel is certainly the best way to unwind as it brings you ample opportunities to meet new people, experience a different culture, and widen your perspective. You will leave Kalpetta only feeling calmer and happier!

Make this weekend truly unique and drive down to Kalpetta with your friends. To quote the words of Buddha, “It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Zoom Car and take off to this stunning getaway.

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