Want to Take A Break From The WFH Routine? Consider Long-Term Car Subscription

Work. Home. Sleep. Repeat. The work from home regimen in this new normal has started to take a toll on us, and we are all trying to break free from the monotony and stress of it. The most challenging aspect is that due to the monotonous routine, our productivity gets hampered as well.

If you feel the same pressure and are in dire need of some respite, then you need to bring a fresh change in your life. The best transition from this mundane lifestyle is planning a trip to a nearby place. Although, if you are worried about the travel arrangement, then fret not. You can explore options like long-term car subscription services that will enable you to travel privately.

Own Your Adventure
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Personal mobility is a concept that has gained importance in these unexpected times. Car rental services are the main force behind this concept. You can travel safely and ensure limited contact with people. The chances of virus transmission will significantly reduce with this one minor change.

Just hop in a rented car with your family and visit a nearby place to rejuvenate. We at Zoomcar offer numerous car options like SUVs, sedans, and Innovas for your comfort. Another factor adding to your convenience is the availability of monthly car-rental services as well as long- term car rental services.

Why wait when you can book any of these and explore famous places like the following:

  1. Igatpuri: Abode For Adventure Enthusiasts

With only a distance of 130 kms from Mumbai, Igatpuri, a charming hill station, is the ideal vacation spot. Drive down the Mumbai-Agra highway and reach this destination for solace. A popular choice, especially during Mumbai monsoons, Igatpuri is home to the majestic waterfalls and tall mountains.

Explore the old forts and indulge in outdoor activities like rock climbing and trekking. Channel your inner artistic photographer at the Bhatsa river valley, Camel valley, and the Randha falls. Last but not least, enjoy a mesmerizing view from the top of the Trngalwadi fort.

If, however, after visiting this place, you want to spend some more time amidst nature, you can extend your stay easily. Work from the weekend destination with a fresh mind. Traveling back is not an issue with having a vehicle with you. Opt for the long-term self-drive car rental service from us and extend your vacation without giving it another thought.

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  1. Kashid: Land of Sandy Beaches

Head to Kashid, a beach town, just 125 kms from Mumbai city, and explore the white sandy beaches and blue seas. Soothing and a calm place surrounded by lush green landscapes, this beach is also known for its striking mountains. With a serene environment and a shore that stretches to a vast extent, is the ideal destination for a mini-holiday.

The spellbound appearance with its pristine water and clean beaches makes you want to stay for a longer time. You can also explore the nearby areas like Chaul, which is a vantage point for Buddhist caves. Another place of public interest includes the Korlai fort. Experience the royal heritage in this phenomenal monument.

If you need to use the local transport in these vacation spots, you can avoid that with a car by your side. Even when you are eating out, ensure that you pick up food from the eateries following the social distancing norms instead of dining in. Especially when you are traveling, it will be wise to carry some snacks and beverages for the way.

Long-Term Car Subscription Service: Saviour for the Times Ahead

Deciding to opt for a long-term car rental service has never been more advantageous. Considering the present situation, there is no vaccine for the virus as of yet. Thus, these short trips will be the only way for an escape from the everyday routine. Such frequent trips will require a safe mode of transportation. Nothing better than having a vehicle at your side for all times. If you are unsure about the service, we at Zoomcar offer monthly car rental services. Subscribe to it and determine how long-term car rental service is a viable option for you. Other than that, we provide many benefits like an all India permit so that you can travel without any bounds while planning your vacation. We also offer damage insured and thoroughly sanitized vehicles. We ensure that the car gets dropped at your doorstep in under thirty minutes after subscribing for your convenience. Here’s to your much-needed break from the WFH routine!

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