Weird Things We Find In Our Cars

So, the title says it all, doesn’t it? We’ve found some really ridiculous and even questionable stuff left back by customers in our Zoomcars. You wouldn’t even imagine that people really left these kinds of things in the cars they had rented. Want to see what the list of weird things we find in our cars are? Keep reading!

We agree it’s very easy to leave things behind in the car you’ve rented, but you always need to check don’t you think? What if something valuable gets left behind, or some memorabilia of some emotional value. So here are some things we found, warning some are nasty stuff! So here goes:

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Underwear - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars

Yup, underwear is the most common thing we left back if our Zoomcars. We wonder how many people turn from Clark Kent to Superman and forget that they have to wear it on top of the suit! Or how many really take Rachel Green’s advice in going commando! While this would sure be unique to know, but we can’t help wondering how comfortable that would be?? Hmmm, may not!

Oregano of a special kind! - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars

Well, we don’t judge your choices, but oregano being left back!! Isn’t that expensive! True, that we all have friends who love to use it either occasionally or frequently if you didn’t want it, maybe you could have thought of handing it over to them instead? Just a thought! Leaving it in a rented car, under the seat, oh my God no!

Kinky stuff - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars

We have got some many of these return gifts that soon we may be able to put them on display! Really, because we actually had that many left behind! - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars

From furry handcuffs to bunny ears we found them all! By the way, the next time someone leaves their handcuffs back, can you please drop the keys as well?

Protection Protection Protection! - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars
This is one thing that most commonly found, and while we’re glad you’re safe we like to assume you have the sense to let go of it properly. - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars

Bone Collector - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars
So we had someone rent a car from us, and I think he assumed he was Denzil Washington. The collection of bones he left for us was brilliant. But, hey, you can just leave bones in plain sight, so he was kind enough to give us the search operation. Tucked in a corner, under a car mat; which is not very easily accessible, we just wonder how he managed to do that!

Somewhere there’s a Toothless - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars
If you have a set of false teeth, how can you forget it, in your rented car? Can’t you feel it not in your mouth? Imagine, the rental company receiving the car back after the trip and they find dentures in a glass!!! How weird is that? Eeewww!

Pregnancy Tests - Weird Things We Find In Our Cars
Congratulations to the one’s that were positive , is what we would like to say, for the one’s that were negative, better luck next time maybe! We are somehow are under the impression that these are happy ones, are we right?
These are some of the crazy and weird things we have found in our cars, anyone missing something?
Disclaimer: This is a work of satire with inspiration from real life incidents. Some of the incidents may have been exaggerated.

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