Suggestions to improve our pick up and drop services

We received many Suggestions from you all for the Suggestion Box – 2 contest. Thank you for taking the time to tell us how we could improve. This time the topic we decided to focus on was, how to improve our pick up and drop services.

Own Your Adventure

We were made aware of many of the pain areas for you all and we’re working on it. Many suggestions poured in and some experiences as well. We chose the winners Mohit Beri and Nidal Pawne, for their suggestions on this topic.

How do we improve our pick and drop services?

Obviously, we want your experience with Zoomcar to be a delightful one. But, we do agree we have the scope to improve. With the many suggestions that poured in these were the one’s to stand out for us:

  • One of the suggestions we received is to increase the limit of home pick and drop from 5 km to 10 km, and in continuation,to that, the customer also mentioned we could even take his/her request of where to drop the car off and charge them a per km price, over and above the charge of returning the vehicle to the zoomcar pickup point.
  • A reminder alert can be set was another suggestion. The customer suggestion that if you were trying to book a car and it wasn’t available at the time in that location when it did become available a reminder alert can be sent to let the customer know of the same.
  • Another suggestion was that Zoomers should be given an option to track the location of their cars on the map while it is being delivered to them (just like Ola & Uber).
  • The suggestions sent in by another customer for improving pick and drop services were:
    1. To offer a PickUp/Drop Fee Reimbursement if the total value of booking exceeds INR 5,000 or INR 10,000.
    2. If the booking comes from a regular customer, then to offer zero pickup and drop fees.
    3. To offer free PickUp and Drops if the booking location is within 1 or 2 km radius of the zoom parking spot.


We received much more than these, but these are a few we are working on. We want your Zoomcar Experience, to be nothing but a delightful one.

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