What Makes Zoomcar The Right Travel Partner For Critical Times?

Changing times demand that you make new and better choices. And, considering that the current situation is one marked by a sense of uncertainty, you must make careful decisions to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Travelling is one of those aspects of life that allows you to choose between various alternatives. However, you usually get used to your preferred choices when it comes to daily commutation and does not consider making any changes. For example, earlier those of you who don’t own a personal vehicle was comfortably using public transport or hiring a cab. 

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However, things aren’t as simple as before. Considering that the practice of social distancing will continue to be a critical preventive measure for the fight against COVID-19, you must identify and choose a safe means of transport that can provide you with personal mobility. 

The new normalcy is social distancing, taking proper precautionary methods and constant vigilance – where questions such as ‘How to travel? And Whom to travel with?’ have become major concerns. You must be in a dilemma when it comes to selecting the right way to travel amidst the pandemic. So far, most of your choices may have based on factors such as convenience and affordability. But what about the present and the future? 

The answer is Personal Mobility Options. For any travel requirements, the option for a personal mobility service surely seems to be the safest means of transport during critical times.

How Personal Mobility is the Need for the Travel Hour? 

Personal mobility has come across as the safest way to travel because it allows for social distancing, and thereby minimizes transmission risk. One choice of personal mobility choice is to drive via your own car so that you can move away from the crowds alone or with your family.

However, if you do not have your own private vehicle, then what can you do? 

Self-Drive Car Rentals. Yes. You read it right. You can rent a self-drive car to fulfil all your travel requirements – be it for your daily commute to the office, your personal errands, or for helping a friend or family out. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, if buying a car does not seem to be a feasible option, you can easily avail of our self-drive car rental service. It offers you with the same benefits you achieve with a personal vehicle of your own. So, book our car rental service and secure your access to a safer travel experience to keep the risk and fear of the deadly Coronavirus at bay. 

What Makes Zoomcar The Right Travel Partner For Critical Times?

Zoom car offers personal mobility options as a solution to fulfill all your travel requirements and at the same time ensures your safety needs in these unprecedented times.  Take a look at the below points to find out why Zoomcar rental is your best travel partner:

  • Helps You Make Safety Your No.1 Priority

Bearing in mind the current situation where there is no vaccine for Coronavirus, safety, and prevention must be given the utmost priority. Therefore, Zoomcar offers the option of personal mobility which provides you with maximum security against the risk of contracting the virus.

  • Helps You Avoid Crowded Public Transport 

So far, you may have been travelling to and from your office or other locations by using public transportation systems like the bus or metro, as it an economical choice. Nonetheless, considering the social distancing norms, using public transport doesn’t seem to be the best option now, if you fear for your family’s security and protection. 

With our self-drive car rental service, you can safeguard yourself against the increased vulnerability of exposing yourself to infected people and contaminated surfaces that can be found in public transport, given the number of people who use it.

  • Offers Comfort Together with Safety Check

When you book our Zoomcar self-drive car rentals, we thoroughly sanitize our vehicles  and provide you the same within 30 minutes. In this way, you can enjoy same comfort as offered by cabs, but only with more safety and saniztization. 

  • Enables You To Fulfil Your Obligations Securely

COVID-19 might have brought life to a standstill for a while. But life needs to go on, and so you have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill– could be your job, a medical or a family emergency, helping a friend out or running personal errands. In case there is a family emergency, or if you need to help a friend out, or if you need to visit the office, it becomes imperative that you choose a safe means of travel. 

Zoomcar offers you the option to either get a self-drive car on rent or opt for a subscription model where you can rent a car on a monthly or half-yearly basis. Renting or subscribing to a self-driven car helps you not only with your daily commute, but also enable you to fulfill all your personal obligations such as fetching grocery, or picking up a friend, taking someone to the hospital and such. As amid the fear of virus transmission, it becomes essential to practice safety habits sacredly. 

Read how some of our valued customers have benefited using our car rental services. 

Vinay, an ICICI Bank Employee, says that he uses Zoomcar’s car rental services for his office commute in Delhi. 

Aarush, another user who has used Zoomcar services to pick up his pregnant sister from the airport. 

There are plenty such stories about how Zoomcar has made life a bit easier, especially for meeting all trave requirements. 

We, at Zoomcar always endeavor to provide travelers and commuters with the safest self-driving experience. And now that personal safety has become the most important aspect of travel, we are working to help all those who need solutions for personal mobility. Depending on the needs of the commuters, we have everything from one-way car rentals to weekly or monthly subscriptions. Occasionally, if you only need a vehicle for short trips, then you can book an online car just before taking the trip.

Rent Or Subscribe to ZoomCar’s Self-Drive Car Rental Services

In such challenging times, prevention is the best way to stay safe. Therefore, you have to be proactive and give the utmost priority to safety when you are travelling. Choose options for personal mobility over other travel alternatives and keep safe.

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