Whatever Be Your Reason to Self-Drive, We’re Making It More Exciting with The DriveOut Sale!

Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.”  – Lawrence Durrell

Today, we live extremely busy lives caught up in mundane activities, bogged down by responsibilities, and often find ourselves rushing through life. However, we all need to slow down, just take a break and ensure that in all that rush we don’t miss out on life. There is no greater joy than travelling, and road trips is the best way to discover life. At Zoomcar, we understand the innate need to travel, which is why we decided to give you yet another reason to pack your bags and drive away. The DriveOut Sale is back! It’s your golden opportunity to avail 50% off on your choice of self-drive car.

We’ve interacted with a lot of you – our customers, and what’s come out from these interactions is absolutely interesting. We’ve heard your stories, your reasons and your motivations to travel.  So, read on and identify which one of these could be your top most reason to travel.

Own Your Adventure

Escape from the monotony of life                      

One of the primary reasons we look forward to road trips and weekend getaways is to escape from the drab monotony of life. A weekend travel is just about what we need to add that joy and spice to life. To come back rejuvenated and energized for yet another week.

Seek some tranquility 

A lot of us travel to seek peace and calm. To be one with nature and just relax.  It’s a chance to step out of that comfort bubble and learn about ourselves. It gives us the much-required time to reflect on our daily lives, and ‘let go’ of the shackles that tie us down.

Family time 

This could be a classic example of modern life where we’re all too busy trying to make a living with very little time for our families. The phone is forever buzzing, the email notifications don’t seem to end and before we know it, days have passed like this. A lot of us realize how family time is so important and what better than driving down with our family? Those little weekend breaks are just amazing.

Break free from the shackles

We may have felt this way before. When we just want to pack our bags, hop into a car and just drive away without a care. Whether we broke up with someone, had a tiff with our bestie, had our boss chewing our brains right through the week or have mounting bills to pay, we just want to travel to break free, to be able to explore new places and experience the unknown.

Quality time with friends 

This one is for all of us who love travelling with our buddies. Travelling with friends, taking turns on the steering wheel, crazy nights partying or just a lovely beach holiday – the experience of traveling with friends is absolutely unmatched. What’s more is that it’s just a chance to do a lot of catching up and spend some quality time with them.

Add some thrill & adventure

And for those of us who love the adrenaline rush, what’s better than heading straight to a place that has enough and more in store – from treks to adventure sports. Just pure pleasure of working those muscles out each time in a new place doing something thrilling. The sheer exhilaration is what keeps us at it. Being high on life, to say the least.

Yes, these are some of the myriad reasons why travelling is a bliss. Whatever be the reason, the underlying need is to gain new experiences, make more memories, and bask in the happiness that travel brings.

Zoomcar’s DriveOut Sale is just that push each of you needs to put your motivation to action. So, go ahead and book your car now. There are plenty destinations and so many experiences awaiting you. An outstation trip or an intracity trip, book your car quickly!

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