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What’s your fondest Hindustan Ambassador memory? Getting picked up from the railway station by your grandparents, taking a road trip to the hills, or admiring that rich aunt’s sweet ride…

With the help of our amazing community, we recently pimped out the old classic Hindustan Ambassador and made it -as if there was even any room for improvement- sexier. While brining the Ambassador into the present we were struck by nostalgia for this magnificent machine. We want to relive those glory days with you, in your father’s, grandfather’s, or person-to-envy aunt’s shoes. Tell us your fondest memory with a Hindustan Ambassador. The three best stories will win 24 hours with our modern, pimped-out version so you can make some new memories!

Tweet your memory with @ZoomCarIndia at the end (make sure that the @ZoomCarIndia is at the end of the tweet not at the beginning). If you have old pictures to share – we definitely encourage that!

In case you missed all the hype around the Zoom Ambassador here are a few links to articles about it: Yourstory.in and Bangalore Mirror. And here is the crowdfunding campaign that made this possible and our founders’ legs famous.

Vintage Ambassador

Some things to consider:

  1. We are running this contest till Saturday, May 10th 11:59pm.
  2. Our panel of judges will choose the 3 winning tweets. Make it nostalgic, funny, tear-drawing, or just plain ol’ sexy. You never know what they will like!
  3. To qualify for the contest make sure to follow us on Twitter @ZoomCarIndia
  4. You can only pick-up and drop-off the car in Bangalore. So while we love and appreciate those of you living far from here (and we want to hear your best Ambassador memories too), we are not yet ready to spread the sexiness.


We received numerous great entries, with many suitors vying for that 24hour date with the Pimp Ambassador. We read stories about breaking into ambassadors, doors that swung open mid-ride, stuffing ambassadors with a dozen people, ambassadors that commanded salutes, ambassadors of the future and dreams, and more. Here are the three that eventually won that coveted date.

Winning Tweets


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