Work Away from Home: Explore Benefits of Subscribing to Car Rental Plans in Pune

Working from home sure has its perks such as save time on commutation, no strict dress codes, and the flexibility to work at your own pace. However, after a while, it may get challenging to stay motivated. If you, too, have felt this pressure due to work from home, you will know what we are talking about. If yes, we understand your situation completely.

Feels like gone are the days when staying at home did not feel dull. Currently, it is impossible to even think of stepping out of the house without all the safety measures. Aren’t your safety antennas up when you turn every corner outside your home too?

Own Your Adventure
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Due to the overall risk, safety has become an essential aspect while doing anything today, even the simplest of things like going out to buy groceries.

Similarly, if you have to travel, it is vital that you think from the safety perspective. Commuting using public transportation is not a great idea considering the risk of virus transmission. A simple solution to this problem is- car rental services.

With car rental services, you can ensure personal mobility, which is the need of the hour. You can travel privately and limit your interaction and contact with people to keep the virus’s risk at bay. At Zoomcar, we offer different car rental plans in Pune to ensure personal mobility for you.

This incredible option will allow you to travel to nearby places with your friends or family and revitalize yourself. You can even plan a ‘Work Away From Home’ in one of these beautiful destinations. Here are a few of the top picks for a safe yet energizing short holiday:

  • Kolad: White Water Rafting Paradise

Bring your adventure freak mode on and visit Kolad, a tiny village famous for white water rafting. You can avail of the self-drive car rental in Pune and reach this place in about three and half hours via the Tamhini Ghat road.

The natural beauty with the surrounding cascading waterfalls and green meadows will be a much-needed change from the four walls of your room. Aside from white water rafting, there are a couple of forts and dams you can visit for some serenity. If you want your adrenaline rushing, explore the paragliding and parasailing activities.

The best part of availing car rental services is that you will have the vehicle with you at all times. Hence, you can extend your trip and spend a couple more days, or even weeks, without worrying about how to get back. While you are on the trip, you can also continue with your work regimen, just this time, you will be surrounded by scenic views and appealing landscapes.

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  • Nashik: Vineyard Heaven

Who doesn’t love strolling in the vineyards, a book in one hand and a glass of fresh grape wine in the other? If you want to experience this, visit Nashik, one of Maharashtra’s most popular tourist destinations. All you have to do avail the car rental without driver services from us and drive for approximately four and a half hours, and you reach your perfect work away from home destination.

Visit the famous Sula vineyards and get a first-hand taste of the delicious wine. Other than that, explore the forts, Dudhsagar falls, and the Nashik caves.

Why wait for the weekend to come? Pack your bags and avail the car rental services, and travel soon. If you want to spend some days there and work from the destination itself, you will be able to do that. Imagine working while being surrounded by fresh air, radiant trees, and the sounds of nature, while you also push the go-getter in you!

Keep in mind that availing car rental services are beneficial for these short-trips as they offer you a safe journey. Instead of using the public mode of transport, you can drive down to these places comfortably. If you are hesitant, you should know that we at Zoomcar understand that safety is a priority and take care of your comfort.

Hence, we provide thoroughly sanitized cars and ensure that the vehicle reaches your doorstep within thirty minutes of subscription. You will not require going through the hassles of collecting the vehicle from another place.

Experience the Benefits of Car Rental Plans in Pune

It is necessary to consider the benefits of subscribing to car rental plans in Pune, considering the needs of recent times. There are short-term as well as long term car rental services. At, Zoomcar, we understand individual needs and offer car subscriptions daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Short-term car rentals help you commute in your day-to-day life, whereas long-term car rentals will ensure reliability and security in the future.

Especially when you plan to undertake short trips or visit your hometown, long-term car rentals will be more beneficial. You can continue your work away from home from these destinations and travel back whenever you feel like.

Think about your requirement and choose the most suitable car rental plan in Pune. Avail our services and get benefits like all-India permit and inured vehicles. Nothing will hamper your travel plans!

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