Your guide to treat her right- Car Caring Etiquette 101

There was a time when owning a car was a milestone of one’s life and the meter to judge his success; only second to owning a home. Thankfully for us though we can have the wheels at our doorstep and our hands on the steering whenever, wherever. But with this comfort, needs to come responsibility. Here are our 6 tips on how you can treat her better than he can, 1) We agree with Shakespeare that “All the world’s your stage”, but believe us all the world is not on the roof of your Zoomcar! A better, safer and equally fun way to Chaiyya Chaiyya would be to sit inside your Zoomcar, play the song, roll down the windows and move as your non-dancer friend drives. No waste of time, and no human or automobile casualties. Guaranteed. 2) Smoking can make you bimaar, kaafi bimaar Did you know that tobacco causes 1 death every 6 seconds in India? We do not appreciate smoking in general, but if you still need to, halt for a chai or coffee break. Make sure you do not leave a trace of engaging into this not-so-cool activity. We definitely do not need more Indians to join the 1 million plus bandwagon that lose their lives to tobacco every year. **cough** Quit **cough** 3) Do not dreive drukn!  If you just sent an emotionally heavy message to your ‘bro’ or ‘bae’, or smashed the DJ because he refused to play ‘Kisi disco mein jaaye’ (damn this cool generation) because it was Punjabi night, you definitely do not need to take the wheels. This is the day you’ve been tolerating that non-drinking friend for all your life! But seriously, jokes aside, do not drive drunk. You see there’s a reason why Daru’s Badnaam. 4) We do not lend our cars for Bharat’s Got Talent rehearsals! We get it, you can drift that car like Vin Diesel did, we believe you at word! Take your Zoomcar on a lovely peaceful long drive, she’s not big on adventures you see. Do not try those stunts and wheelies, your life is just as precious as our car. 5) Drive responsibly! Follow the traffic rules and speed limits, chasing cops is not half as fun as it seems in movies; getting caught after that is not at all! Make sure you do not get in trouble, or at least do not invite trouble. PS. We do not cover the bail!  6) What thou hast messed up, thou must tidy! Imagine stepping into the car you booked smelling like the Burger King kitchen and bodily fluids of your motion-sick friend who couldn’t aim his puke into the plastic bag. Not a very pleasant sight, honestly. We’re aiming at creating an eco-system of responsible and considerate individuals. So clean out all the traces of mustard sauce and squeezed coke glasses from the door. Set the bar so high for the next rider that he would want to return the Zoomcar just as clean as he got it! With all those notes taken, you’re all set to zoom! There’s  innumerous possibilities, ask that person you’ve been wanting to take on a drive, make that trip with the gang happen, or just take that early morning long drive to eat those Pakodas you’ve been wanting to! 

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